Ever wonder if everyone else has the same question that you might have?  If so, you're not alone.  Here are the questions that everyone wants answered.

What can I do if I forget my login username or password?
If you forget your username or if you don’t yet have one, simply give us a call at (631) 289-8401 x2515 and we’ll be happy to help you out. 

If you’ve forgotten your password simply enter your username, click the “Forgot Your Password” checkbox, and click the “Sign In” button, and your password will be e-mailed to you. Or feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to help you.

How do I get to my Order Guide to place an order?
To open your current Order Guide hover your mouse over the Order button and click on either History, Standard Order Guide, or you can select one of your Custom Guides.

How can I view my Account History and past invoices?
You can view your current Account History including your past invoices, simply click on the Account button on the main menu. 

Here you can view your invoices. Additionally you may open and view your most recent invoice to date. The previous invoices are there for your reference. You can also view your Past Due and Total Due amounts on the Account page. 

How do I print my Order Guide?
To print your entire order guide with columns for quantities hover your mouse over the Reports button, then hover your mouse over the Guides menu option, then click on the Order Guide you would like to print.

To print the Order Guide you selected, hover your mouse over the Advanced button located on the upper right hand part of your screen, and click on the Print menu option. A popup window will display asking you how many Quantity fields you would like to print with each item on your Order Guide. Simply select the number of Quantity fields you would like from the drop down menu and click the Print button to print your Order Guide with the fields.

Can I change my password, and if so how?
Yes, you have full control over the password that you would like to use. After we give you your initial password you can change your password by hovering over the Admin button, then hovering over User Options, and selecting Change Password. You will then have to enter your old password, and your new password twice, then click on Update to save your changes.

We suggest that you change your password to something appropriate that you will remember, and that you include at least one letter and one number as part of your password.

How do I change how my Order Guide is sorted by default?
To change your Order Guide’s default sort order hover your mouse over the Admin button on the main menu, then hover over User Options, and select Change Default Sort. You can sort your Order Guide in four different ways. After you’ve selected the options you want click on Save to save your changes and go back to your Order Guide.

We have found that most people prefer to have their Order Guide’s sorted first by Category Description, and then by Item Description. However, feel free to play around with your sort order and find the order that works best for you.

How do I search for items within my Order Guide?
Searching for items within your Order Guide is very easy. Simply click on the Search textbox on the top of your Order Guide and type in the name, or item number of the item you would like to search for, then hit the Enter key. All the items that match your search will be displayed for you.

To go back to your full Order Guide, click on the Back button located in the top-right portion of your screen.

How can I order something that is not on my current Order Guide?
To order something that is not currently on your Order Guide use the Search textbox at the top of your current Order Guide and in the drop down box next to it select Item Master. Search for the item description, number, or category that you would like. This will show you all the items that we currently have that match your search.

To order the item or items that you searched for simply add the quantity you want and click on the Back button to go back to your Order Guide.

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