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Attendees of this year's South Fork Culinary Showcase were asked the question "Do you take advantage of the fact that you're in the heart of Long Island's Farm Country and use local products as a selling point in your establishment?" The restaurant patrons of today are more educated and are looking for the story as to how their meal made it to their plate.  They want to know if their meat and produce are grown and raised close to home. They want to know that their food was monitored for food safety during its journey from farm to fork.

At the 2012 South Fork Culinary Showcase, J. Kings also featured its valued local farmers, butchers, bakers and manufacturers and demonstrated how customers could use these local products as a selling point in their establishment.

Since restaurant patrons are demanding more, the J. Kings Culinary Team worked hard to develop "12 for 2012" menu ideas to spark culinary inspiration for the upcoming summer season.


Locally Raised Beef from Local Harvest

To keep in line with its local focus, J. Kings has brought in a locally raised
beef line from Local Harvest. Local Harvest beef is an all mid-Atlantic raised
Angus breed that are humanely raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Click Here to learn more about Local Harvest's locally raised beef products


WB Stockyard's Freshly Prepared Burgers

J. Kings Culinary Team was grilling up the "Best Burger in Town"
from WB Stockyard. Just in time for the Summer season, WB Stockyard
had added a Chicken and Apple, Chicken Parmesan and Tomato, Turkey Parmesan and Tomato, and Bacon Cheese Burger to their burger line.

> Click Here to learn more about WB Stockyard's line of freshly prepared burgers


Shiro of Japan's Fresh Sushi and Sashimi

Shiro of Japan, Long Island's oldest Japanese restaurant has teamed up with
J. Kings to bring fresh sushi and sashimi made with time honored recipes to
local restaurants and retail markets. Guests at the South Fork Culinary
Showcase had the opportunity to experience the quality of the Shiro line, and learned how they could use sushi and sashimi as a point of distinction
on their menu.

Click Here to learn more about Shiro's line of fresh sushi


WB Stockyard Steaks, Chicken and Pork

WB Stockyard steaks, pork loin and double lobe French cut chicken
breasts were prepared live by the J. Kings Culinary Team to show guests
their unsurpassable quality along with giving unique plating ideas.

> Click Here To view WB Stockyard items at the South Fork Culinary Showcase


Restaurant Row Kitchens’ Chef Prepared Meals

Visitors discovered how they could offer their customers delicious
chef prepared meals in their grab n' go cases without the effort by using
Restaurant Row Kitchens’ chef prepared entrees. Many of the entrees
shown are also available in bulk packs for customers that are looking
to cut costs by cutting out labor.

> Click Here to learn more about the Restaurant Row Kitchens' prepared meals


Restaurant Row Kitchens’ Freshly Prepared Crab Cakes

The J. Kings Culinary Team showed guests how they could amp up their
crab cake offerings by using chef prepared crab cakes from Restaurant Row Kitchens. These crab cakes are made with our Culinary Team's secret recipe
and come in two sizes - 3.5 oz and 1 oz. They are great used as appetizers, entrees, burgers, atop a salad or as sliders.

Ask your J.Kings Business Development Consultant about Chef Prepared Crab Cakes from Restaurant Row Kitchens


Restaurant Row Kitchens’ Chef Prepared Wraps and Salads

Guests at the South Fork Culinary Showcase discovered how they could
let Restaurant Row Kitchens' chefs do the work for them by preparing
fresh wraps and salads for their menus and box lunches.

> Click Here to learn more about prepared salads, wraps and more from Restaurant Row Kitchens


Tommy Moloneys’ Authentic Irish Foods

Chefs and restaurateurs at the Culinary Showcase tasted the tradition
of quality with Tommy Moloneys’ line of authentic Irish foods that includes
corned beef, bangers, cheddar, black pudding and more.

> Click Here to learn more about the Tommy Moloneys line of authentic Irish foods


Unique Plating Solutions with American Metalcraft

Attendees learned how they could add a twist to their menu offerings
by utilizing American Metalcraft's line of products for unique plating solutions.

> Click HereTo view the assortment of American Metalcraft products featured at the South Fork Culinary Showcase


All Natural Gourmet Tea from Amanzi Tea

Visitors had the opportunity to see how they could differentiate themselves by adding all natural hot and iced teas from Amanzi Tea to their menu. Amanzi's unique blend of natural fruits and tea leaves are sure to satisfy even the most discerning tea lover.

> Click Here to learn more about Amanzi's line of all natural teas


Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Candy Apples, Dipped Pretzels
and Fun Food Equipment!

Guests at the Culinary Showcase discovered that Green Apple's freshly popped popcorn, or made to order cotton candy, candy apples and dipped pretzels are
a perfect addition to any summertime menu. They also learned about the line of Gold Medal equipment available through Green Apple Foods, including popcorn and cotton candy machines available for purchase and for rent to liven up
any party or event.

> Click Here t o learn more about Green Apple’s line of freshly made popcorn,
cotton candy, candy apples and dipped pretzels, as well as the Gold Medal equipment items available for sale and rent


Harvestland Chicken

Farm to Fork Wax Paper

Kitchen Cuts Labor Saving Produce

Chopped Cascade Blend

Arcadian Harvest Blend

Tasti-Lee Tomatoes


Red Jacket Orchards Apples & Juices

Lucky Tomatoes

Steamin Greens

Christopher Ranch Garlic

Exotic Mushroom Pack


Frozen Seafood

Krazy Cooks Kitchen Line of Products



12 for 2012 Menu Ideas

Since restaurant patrons have developed more discerning palates
and are demanding more from restaurants menus, the J.Kings
Culinary Team worked hard to develop 12 different menu offerings
for all different aspects of a typical menu - from sandwiches to burgers
to center-of-the-plate and more!

Below are all of the "12 for 2012" Menu Ideas shown at the Culinary Spectacular:

12 Burger Ideas

12 Center of the Plate Ideas

12 Grilled Chicken Entree Ideas

12 Seafood Entree Ideas

12 Taco Ideas

12 Salad Ideas

12 Sandwich Ideas

12 Espresso Drink Ideas


Local Sourcing Menu

More restaurant patrons are looking for restaurants that incorporate
local produce, meats, breads and groceries into their menu offerings.
To illustrate how restaurateurs could promote this local sourcing
concept in their restaurant, the J.Kings Culinary Team developed a
sample menu which cited the local farms, butchers and manufacturers
that product was sourced from.

> Click Here to View Local Sourcing Menu Sample

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