June 10 - June 16, 2019

Great New Items Available for the Season!
Hippeas, Brownie Bars and more snacks from Cookies & More!
Rosé all day! Ask your Sales Person about running rosé flight specials
Now In Season: Long Island Asparagus
New to G&G: Castoro Wines - Vegan, Transitional Organic, SIP Certified


Beef Sirloin #91097: Lettuce wraps are a summer favorite. These are marinated in chili peppers and topped with pickled slaw and peanuts.


Shrimp (shell on 8/12) #11052: Grill shrimp and corn for extra flavor. Toss in pesto, mix with tomatoes, peppers and summer vegetables. Serve on top of leaf lettuce.

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Green Leaf Lettuce #98948 - Philip Schmitt & Son Farm

The Source: Produce Update
The Sweetest Fruit/Sweetness Index
Local Produce Flyer
Koppert Cress Product List
LI Organic Mushrooms
Flavour Fields
Wickham Fruit Farms Asparagus
Backyard Tomatoes
Heirloom Artichokes
Monthly Flyer
Polar Seltzer

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