Fresh Ideas. Delivered Daily.
At J. Kings, we deliver more than just high quality food and outstanding customer service. We deliver fresh ideas - proven to help our customers experience growth and success.

Since 1974, J. Kings has been steadily expanding to meet the needs of our customers - listening to their needs and coming up with unique solutions to help build their businesses. In fact, it's our business-building capabilities that separate us from our competitors. Anyone can deliver food. But not everyone can deliver the ideas that help your business grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Our Vision ...
To continually enhance our customers' profits by being the distributor that provides innovative, value-added solutions in response to our customers' ever changing needs. To achieve this vision, we treat our staff, customers and suppliers as partners, with integrity and respect, and recognize that our success and profitability depend on the success of our partners.

Over 40 Years in the Business

  • A privately owned business
  • More than 300 professionals on staff
  • Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Sales people with innovative ideas
  • Experienced buyers who know your needs
  • Link-King online ordering system
  • Computerized scheduling and routing
  • Serving greater New York
  • California buying office

Quality Control/Food Safety

  • HACCP Program
  • Food Handlers Certified Staff
  • SQF Certified
  • Vendor Certification process



State-of-the-Art Distribution Center

  • A temperature-controlled fleet of more than 80 vehicles tracked via GPS
  • Westbrook Conference Center
  • Over 125,000 square foot facility
  • Five climate-controlled produce rooms
  • Refrigerated Receiving Docks
  • RF technology utilized for all levels of inventory control.
  • Equipment and service specialists


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Address: 700 Furrows Rd, Holtsville, NY 11742 - Phone: 631.289.8401 - Fax: 631.758.0187
Alternate Phone Number: 631.803.3150
Alternate Customer Service Hotline: 631.803.3140